Osaka Ohsho!

We had our lunch yesterday at Osaka Ohsho and we both agreed that it is the BEST Japanese restaurant we’ve ever been to.

I ordered Gyudon and Fresh Mango Yakult while he ordered Grilled Chicken Teriyaki Set and Fresh Lemonade. On my first bite, I uttered “OMG ang sarap” then he also took his first and replied “I concur”

I finished my meal with no grains of rice remaining on the bowl, literally. The food is full of flavour. I also tried the Chicken Teriyaki and I’m torn between regretting that I didn’t order the same meal and being satisfied of what I was eating. Yes, it is that good.

We are definitely going back! :D

Sometimes I feel like I’m at the wrong side of the world.

I’m in big trouble.

I’ve been assigned to a task that I know nothing about. And just last Thursday, the client wants me to finish it in one week. I’m so doomed.

My Goals In Life, WHAT?!

Okay! I’ve been in the industry for 3 months now and in another 3 months, I will then be a regular employee *well, if I’ll be staying for another three, which of course, yes* By then, I’ll have an increeeeeeeeease! *PARTYYY!!!*

Forgive my immaturity.

Okay, goals? I have no concrete goal as in super duper fixed goal as of the moment. But there are things that I really want to have.

Next month, is my birth month. And I will buy a phone for myself. I actually planned on buying super high-end phones (a.k.a. the flagshipsss) but I actually though that they would just be overkill for me. As of this writing, I am planning to just buy a Samsung Galaxy Grand 2.

After that, I plan on saving for a car. Just a secondhand one which is decent enough for weekly rides. I don’t know how to drive yet though :> But I’m actually considering to buy a Chevy Optra or Nissan Sentra as soon as I have the money and still have emergency bucks left in my account.

After buying a car, I want to travel! Travel as in travel for atleast 300 kilometers. How specific.

Oh another thing. I want to have a bookshelf in my room because you know, I’m a bookworm now. LOL. Seriously, I want to buy a book atleast once a month starting well, this month.

So much for today. ‘Til I blog again!

#BookReview: The Catastrophic History of You and Me

Honestly, I thought that I was old enough for the book. It seemed so “high school” in the first few pages. But then I just found myself lured into the story. I found myself laughing, giggling, blushing, crying and yes, sobbing.

The story will magically put a smile on your face and then take it instantly and replace it with regret and pain. The story is both heart-warming and heartbreaking. And it is awesome. I like how the characters were built up as well as how the plot was twisted, a number of times.

Most of all, I love how I sobbed during the part that I believe is the climax and how peaceful I felt as I turn to the book’s last pages.

Keep it or risk it.

Right now, I am full of what ifs.

I’m having a hard time maintaining this blog…

because: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Ugh. I’m just posting the same things but I feel required to say more on Tumblr. Maybe I will have this blogging schedule. Maybe every Monday morning, like now. Maybe.

Arabela <3

This one’s my treat to my future-lawyer-friend! Hi Red! :) It’s my first time in Arabela. Actually, it’s my first time in Liliw, Laguna :) I missed Laguna so much. The ride was about 40 mins from home and the road was full trees, I missed trees. LOL, this post is going nowhere.

Okay. Arabela is somehow a tourist destination in Liliw, Laguna. In fact, when I got there, there’s a tourist bus outside so we have to wait for vacant tables. While waiting, Redbert told me that since it’s my first time in Liliw, he’ll give me Liliw slippers! Yay! So we went to Badong, another famous spot in Liliw known for their footwear :)

Then we went back to Arabela. We ordered beef lasagna, baby backribs, lemon iced tea and iced cappuccino and everything tastes so good! I’m definitely going back :)

Yellow Cab with officemates! Helloooo free pizzaaaa!!!

I love the roasted garlic and shrimp to bits!!! We ordered four seasons though but it’s the only flavor I took :))) Shriiiiimmmmmpppp!!! I missed shrimp! Too bad I can’t have the same flavor when dining with Yong, damn allergies. Oh well, this was Gino’s treat to us because we finished our assigned tasks last week! :) Cheers!

Teriyaki/Ramen Week!

Yong was craving for Ramen last week that’s why we ate at Teriyaki Boy TWICE. Yep. The food was great. We even filled-out their customer rating survey. The price was also reasonable and so worth it!

TOYCON 2014!!!

Hoooorayyyy! Finally, I got the chance to go to the ToyCon this year :D annnndddd, annnnd, I saw Alodia! <3 Too bad I didn’t have the chance to have a photo with her, but still, I saw her up-close. 

Another good thing is that, Papa shouldered our expenses :))) I’m such a lucky girl!

Here are some of the toy figurines and models which captured my eyes:

The ToyCon was awesome! You just have to choose wisely where to go because some areas (especially the Alodia-area) have massive amount of people which makes the place more humid.

And before our day ends, we dined at Sisa’s Secret! It’s our first time there. The dishes are kinda pricey but definitely worth it. We had bulalo, pork bbq, roasted chicken, and my favorite dish we had last night, bagnet. <3

My June 21, 2014 was awesome! :D


Please, help me decide. I’m planning to buy a phone maybe next month. And I consider some factors like the camera, screen size and of course the price. Pls pls pls help meee.

A) Sony Xperia C: 8MP, 5.0”, P9,500

B) Sony Xperia SP: 8MP, 4.6” P10,380

C) Sony Xperia TX: 13MP, 4.55” P11,500

D) Sony Xperia ZR: 13.1MP, 4.55”, water-resistant, P13,500 

E) Sony Xperia Z: 13.1MP, 5.0”, water-resistant, P15,680

What is the problem with your mom? What happened? :( Anonymous

Past is past. Thanks for the concern, anon! <3

Hi po, I'm planning to transfer po sa UPLB next year at ComSci po as my course *kahit sobrang ayaw ko sa math*, Ano po bang pwede nyong isuggest or iadvice sakin since halfhearted palang po ako sa pagpili ng course ko kasi nga po baka di ko kayanin :( Thnakyouu po. BTW I looove anime din po and may allergy din ako sa alak :D Anonymous

Hiii! :) Masaya naman ang comsci pero medyo madami ngang math :> Sa tingin ko, i-sure mo muna sarili mo kung gusto mo na ba talaga ComSci, or yung course na papasukin mo in general. Kasi forever na yan e. Nung undergrad pa ko, super nahirapan din ako pero ngayong nagwowork na ko parang super worth it na lahat ng paghihirap :P

PS Ang cool naman dami natin similarities! :D

Happy Father’s Day! :D

Say hello to our morning faces :))) For the first time, I used the monopod given to me by Ate Cyd. I’m so grateful! lol For father’s day, we gave papa an android phone :) At first, he was dismayed because he was expecting for wine instead. Btw, he is obsessed with his wine collection, that’s why. But when he logged on his facebook, boom. He can’t let go of his phone anymore :)))

We also had our dinner @ Ivy’s Classy Cake House after attending the Sunday Mass. :)

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